Caroline Campbell

Caroline Campbell

Musical Background

Caroline Campbell is a classically trained pianist and harpist.  She has studied piano and harp under the renowned Ron Kirshner,  Jeff Dershin, Tomoko Sato, Ph.D., Motoshi Kosato, and Mindy Cutcher.  Caroline received her certification as a Hospital Certified Harp Therapist in 2009 from Bedside Harp in Bucks County, PA. 


Caroline has had a personal meditative practice for the past fifteen years.  She has studied Buddhist meditation under Gen Kelsang Tanpa in Newport Beach, CA.  Under the teaching of Linda Sheldon, Caroline became a Certified Reiki Master in 2018. Caroline has also received healing and breath works training under master healer David Elliott in Los Angeles, CA. Currently Caroline is studying psychology at California State University Fullerton, working towards becoming a Depth Psychologist. 

The Work

With a prolific career as a therapeutic harpist and a Classically trained pianist and harpist, Caroline effortlessly combines the innate healing qualities of the harp with her improvisational melodic sounds. She was initially drawn to the harp because of its ancient healing qualities and returns the harp back to its original purpose in various settings, particularly healthcare. She has shared her healing harp sessions in state psychiatric hospitals, hospice care, ER / ICU rooms, drug and alcohol treatment facilities, nursing homes, yoga studios, and private sound healing sessions. Caroline’s clients express that her music is truly “A massage for the soul”. 

Caroline’s purpose with her music is to take one into their own soul space and to allow his/her mind to entirely move into one’s heart center. She utilizes the process of musical entrainment by wading through different rhythms and frequencies. She slowly shifts through melodies and chord progressions, which elevates her into a peaceful trance-like state while performing. She evokes her listeners to travel with her as they experience the journey of her healing sounds. She is also a composer and session/recording artist with various collaborative side projects. Currently she is composing and recording her first solo album. 


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